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What is The Most Effective Way to Whiten Teeth?

Are you looking for that smile that impresses, perhaps you are changing careers or you are going on a big date?

Maybe you need the best looking smile for a big event like a wedding, and you want your pearly whites to really sparkle.

What is the best way to get the whitest smile possible?

There are several methods that work great, essentially what it comes down to is how much you want to pay and how soon you need that sparkling bright smile.

Why Do You Want to Whiten Your Teeth?

whiter teethThe first thing you need to ask yourself is why you believe you need or want to make your teeth whiter in the first place.

Perhaps you see other people with incredibly brilliant smiles and you want what they have.

That's natural, but you should be sure it's what YOU want and you're not just following some fad or trying to be someone else.

Whitening at Home vs. Whitening at the Dental Office

Most at home methods that work take almost two weeks for the full effect to become visible, and then they only last for a couple months after that before you will need to follow up with more treatments. Other methods that are more effective involve a visit to the dentist office.

The dental visit can get you the sparkling bright smile that you want, usually within one or two visits, but it is going to cost a lot more than the over the counter methods.

A Combination of Dental and Home Whitening

There is a third method, that combines at home whitening with trips to the Dentist’s office, these supervised whitening routines might be a little more effective than simply doing your own whitening at home, but they will cost on average more. They combine the use of at home products with a dentist who will check your teeth over first and then monitor how you use the products, and the overall success of them.

Again this method is going to take a little bit longer than going to the office for whitening but it is going to be significantly cheaper.

What is the Best Method?

What it boils down to is how soon, and how much you want to pay. If money is no object, you want a professional looking job done, and you need it done right away then going with an in office visit is going to be your best bet, as long as you can get into the office to visit your dentist right away.

You will want to use a family dentist, someone you’ve seen before, because changing dentists for simple whitening will result in more cost overall as well as a longer time to get your dental work done. They will want you to come in for an initial exam before you have the whitening done, and that could mean having x-rays which will run more than if you went with your regular dentist.

Picking the Right Treatment

he at home treatments are highly effective and can save you money over the long run, so if you goal is to simply have a whiter bright smile you might just go with the at home treatments and try not to worry about how long it takes.