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Weight Loss

This section of Health Ride looks specifically at weight loss and how it can be attained by focusing on key health areas where the body can work with itself and what you give it to reduce its size and mass to aim for normalized human body dimensions as nature meant them to be.

Combine Diet and Exercise for Successful Weight Loss

weight loss diet exerciseThere are many different ways of losing some weight or even a lot of it and while some people have great success with one or other method, there are always others who try the same method and fail miserably.

This is not necessarily a failing on the part of the person trying the method, but more likely a simple fact that because everyone is different, one method will not be as effective for everyone.

What is needed is a sure fire fat busting method that will work for most people. Such a method does exist, but it is often shunned by many as being too much trouble to go to just to lose a few pounds. What is this magical method of losing weight?

A combination of a good diet with regular exercise!

Well, that answer is not exactly earth shattering and for most people it may seem somewhat of an anticlimax. After all, everyone knows that people who get plenty of exercise combined with a healthy diet always seem to be slim and look great in whatever clothes they wear. So why is it that so many people are not following this simple, if mundane fat loss solution?

Not Wanting to Put in the Work

Most see it as hard work to get out and exercise every day, then eat a balanced, healthy diet. Many people would rather be told they can still spend most of their lives on the sofa and eat pizza as long as they take a magic pill and everything will be fine. You may laugh at that idiotic notion, but be prepared to feel pity for the thousands of people who actually believe this magic pill exists.

They believe all they have to do is find the right one and all their weight problems will evaporate overnight. Then they can carry on eating burgers, fries, pizza and cookies while remaining glued to the sofa watching TV or playing computer games.

Follow Nature's Lesson

For the rest of us, the real and true path to good health, fitness and a great looking body is through the means provided for us by nature itself. Our bodies were designed to work, run, walk, swim, jump and perform many strenuous tasks and in order to do that all we need to do is make sure we keep them active and feed them with the right fuel.

The right fuel is a good, healthy diet of fresh foods, home cooked meals with real ingredients and not processed, additive laden junk that so many supermarkets try to push onto shoppers, or manufacturers emblazon the TV with ads for.

When you can be sure your food is wholesome, balanced and healthy and you are getting sufficient daily exercise, you are doing mostly the right things to ensure your body looks good, stays healthy and maintains a stable weight. What else do you need to do?

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