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Does Nutrisystem Work

No doubt you have wondered if Nutrisystem would work for you, especially if you've seen a celebrity proclaiming its effectiveness on television.

From the many customer reviews of Nutrisystem that I have seen, it certainly sounds like it could be the winner for helping busy people to lose weight conveniently and without hassle.

Because it eliminates all of the guesswork and allows you to cook the food from scratch, you don't even need to purchase any other ingredients, unless you want to follow the guidelines and buy some extra grocery items they recommend.

Why Dieting is Tough

Many dieters who are about to embark on a diet have to overcome a problem:does nutrisystem work

They simply don't have the time nor the knowledge to make healthy, low calorie yet delicious meals.

A diet food delivery services can fill this gap by providing high-quality, healthy food delivered to your door.

A Simple Solution

Nutrisystem is one of the most respected and well-known meal delivery diet programs that offers a simple solution for dieters.

The company has provided weight loss programs through its delivery service since the 1970s.

Nutrisystem started out as a liquid-protein drink program. Since then, Nutrisystem has evolved into a full service healthy meal delivery company that can deliver all your meals.

The company provides an efficient meal program and meal delivery system for those who are trying to lose weight but don't have the time for a traditional type of diet.

Nutrisystem claims they can help you lose weight by simply eating the food they send you.

Low Glycemic Index

Their approach is to provide foods that are low on the Glycemic Index and have smaller portions. Additionally, they encourage you eat regularly throughout the day.

A major reason to choose Nutrisystem as your diet solution is that it has many positive customer reviews that prove the effectiveness of their diet plan.

The company claims that it is possible to lose up to 10 to18 pounds in just one month. If you decide to follow the diet, you can expect to shed 1 to 2lbs per week.

To learn more about this popular weight loss program and its healthy meal delivery service, keep reading!

What is Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem delivers a 28-day supply to your house of portion-controlled foods, snacks, healthy shakes and prepared meals.

Customers can receive six portions-controlled meals or snacks per day when they sign up for this diet meal delivery program.

The package includes healthy portions and you are allowed to enjoy vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy.

These can be added to your Nutrisystem diet meals as side dishes. They are also great for snacks, since these foods are full of nutrients and calories.

Nutrisystem can work better for people who often prepare food for only one person. It might be challenging for large families with multiple people to follow the Nutrisystem diet meal plan.

Nutrisystem has a variety diet plans to suit all types of people. You can be certain that your meals are created according to your individual health needs.

Do not sign-up for a Nutrisystem plan if you are pregnant, have children under 14, or have food allergies.

Tasty Food

Your monthly meal plan includes Nutrisystem meals and snacks that are prepacked and preservative free.

All frozen meals (available in Uniquely Yours and Uniquely Yours Max+ plans) include everything you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Customers who have used Nutrisystem's healthy diet meals can confirm that they are easy to consume because they are nutritiously balanced and delicious.

The Nutrisystem diet is built on research about healthy and effective delivery meal plans. Low-calorie meals are recommended to help with weight loss.

Nutrisystem supplies processed foods while keeping sodium content low in the diet meals. To help prevent blood sugar from rising, the program features low Glycemic foods.

Nutrisystem is also known for providing a balanced nutrition. This means that 50% of the nutrients come from vegetables and 25% are from healthy fats.

How Can Nutrisystem Work for You?

Nutrisystem, a 4-week-long diet program, can be repeated as often as you want to help you lose weight. So how does Nutrisystem work?

The program provides small meals in the form or frozen meals, shakes, and snacks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Week one of your diet plan prepares you for your weight loss journey. Every day you'll be given three meals, a snack, and a Nutrisystem smoothie.

For the remainder of the week, you will need to eat six portions per day. Nutrisystem recommends adding snacks to your meal packet, but it is best to choose lean, low-calorie foods and low sodium foods.

Nutrisystem has a NuMi mobile app that you may use to help with meal planning.

How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost?

Their promos often state that you can receive a free week of meals if you sign-up for the program.

You will have to pay the rest for the next four weeks. But it's a great gimmick that can get people excited about signing up.

They currently offer three main price ranges. You can buy their gourmet program at $290 and their basic programme at $263.

The cost for just one month of the program will be higher. Their monthly program costs $386.

That's $120 more then the autoship price. This seems excessive, even though they are trying to make money on repeat purchases.

Does Nutrisystem Really Work?

So does Nutrisystem really work for weight loss? Their success rate is surprisingly high according to many customer reviews.

The success of the diet meal plans depends on how committed you are to it each month.

Nutrisystem clients claim that losing weight is easy if you strictly follow the diet plan until you have healthy eating habits and exercise regularly.

Follow the Nutrisystem diet and you will lose about 10 to18 pounds within the first month. Then, it is possible to lose an additional 1 to 2lbs per week.

The majority of people who have followed the diet plan can confirm that you can achieve your weight goals in as little time as two to three months.

Different body types and different situations can have different results. Find out more about Nutrisystem to see if this diet plan could work for your needs.

Commitment to the Diet

While ordering food and having it delivered is the first part of the process, there are other parts that can go wrong.

You must eat according the meal plan and keep to the prescribed portion sizes. A good exercise program is essential if you are to achieve the best results.

It's not much different in difficulty to follow the Nutrisystem plan as any other diet program.

There will be temptations for you to eat the food they send. You will have to use the same amount and resolve to eat the food they sent you, without adding junk food or large portions.

The recommendation that they combine their food with pre-made food leaves the door open to both cheating and user error.

It's not a system that can be used in isolation and you don't need to go to the grocery. Many people believe that Nutrisystem membership will give them the ability to eat all they want, without having to go out and buy food.

Small Meal Size

Nutrisystem adheres to the notion that you should consume smaller meals throughout your day.

This method is popular in the fitness, weight loss, and health industries. It helps to increase your metabolism.

This is a theory that you won’t have cravings for food or eat too many calories if there’s no "grazing" during the day.

Your digestive system needs to take time to properly digest the food that you consume. If it is constantly being bombarded with new meals, it will stop digesting the last one and begin to process the new one.

The food will also need to be reheated. The food was previously prepared and then frozen.

These frozen foods are more nutritious than if you microwave them and then freeze them. Even though it may have tasted good when it was made, it is now junk food.

In Conclusion

While Nutrisystem might sound like a great idea, once you get to know what it actually consists of, you'll find that it isn’t sustainable or healthy.

There are two main issues with the program:

  1. First, you cannot continue it indefinitely
  2. Second, you don't have the option to cancel at any time

You'll also have to buy your snacks from the shop in accordance to the recommendation of the instructor.

This increases the temptation to shop at grocery stores full of products that could throw you off-course in a hurry.

Finally, there won't be any health benefits to eating meals frozen and then heated up. You are basically feeding your digestive tract a heap of filler that appears to be food.

Nutrisystem doesn't make it seem so easy to lose weight. You don’t need them cooking your meals for weeks or months ahead.

It's easy to add healthy, nutritious foods to your everyday diet so that you can literally eat for health. You can also cut down on the amount of processed foods you find in fast food restaurants and on the grocery store shelves.

By migrating onto a sustainable, healthy whole food diet, your body can get what it wants and needs in terms of nutrition without the toxicity of artificial additives and processing found in store-bought products.