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This post takes a look at a weight loss supplement, Quantrim that is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more overweight people are looking for solutions to their problem.

Nuropharm Limited has exclusively developed Quantrim, a weight-loss pill that combines modern day knowledge with traditional herbal practices to help you attain your physical size goal.

Quantrim Slimming Tablets have been created using a specialised blend of herbal ingredients designed to burn calories, give you control over your appetite and increase metabolism.

Quantrim fully complies to all regulations set for Natural Heath Products (THR Registered) and once you have purchased your supply you will benefit from the full support and motivation of the Nuropharm weight-loss experts, who will be on call to guide you along the road to a slimmer you.

Quantrim comprises of two fat-fighting herbal ingredients- Cleavers Galium aparine and Bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus

Thyroid Function and Weight

Seaweed (bladderwrack) dates back centuries as a well documented tool to aid weight loss. Seaweed is a rich source of the nutrient iodine which when absorbed into the body supports regular thyroid functioning. Our thyroid glands are imperative to weight maintenance and with the help of increased iodine, will help to maintain an elevated metabolism.

Thyroids that are running incorrectly will promote a sluggish metabolism which can cause weight gain, tiredness, dry hair and skin. Seaweed is also high in naturally occurring vitamins, minerals & antioxidants but most importantly, gives the feeling of lasting fullness in the stomach causing a drop in appetite.

Cleavers is an unknown plant to many, including a few pharmaceutical researchers but looking back over years of traditional herbal practices it is well known for its excellent diuretic properties which helps to combat water retention and bloating.

Well-established herbalists hail Cleavers as a "Lymph tonic" due to the stimulating effect it has on lymph circulation and lymph drainage. Inactive and overweight people frequently have slow lymph circulation which encourages fluid to collect, for example above the knees, which in time can lead to Swelling.

Calorie Control

Incorporating Cleavers into a calorie controlled diet assists the battle against lymph congestion and water retention which can frequently be mistaken for stubborn areas of fat, bloated stomachs or cellulite that will just not go away, however hard you try.

Aside from its dieting triumphs, Cleavers is also a fantastic natural way to help combat dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. They have been used for many centuries as a skin purifying tonic and considered to be a "blood cleanser" that helps to improve the appearance of skin.

Quantrim's impressive formulation of these two components has been used by its contemporaries for years and is widely famed for being a fantastic aid to losng weight due to the combination of Seaweed and Cleavers which both hold so many affirmed fat fighting attributes. Today, Quantrim Herbal Slimming Tablets are manufactured under Traditional Herbal Registration licence in a special industrial plant that adhere to high pharmaceutical regulations know as GMP.

No matter what scientific researchers print or reviews score this product, the public buy trusted products that work. The formulation used in Quantrim Herbal Slimming Tablets is one that was created centuries ago and still, to this day is being used as an effectuate aid to weight loss.

A testament in itself.