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Top Foods for Weight Loss

What are the best foods that you can eat that will help you to lose weight while promoting good health, more energy and a great feeling overall?

This post will reveal some of the better kept secrets that nutritionists know about but somehow don't get made very public the way they should.

top foodsYou might think that losing weight means eating cardboard, or foods that you just plain cannot stand.

That simply isn't the case, there are a lot of good foods that not only help you lose weight but will also improve bone density, prevent diseases like heart disease, improve your memory by keeping your mind sharp, and of course help your eye sight.

Foods that work this good and also taste good are considered super foods, what you may not know is that you already have a lot of these in your kitchen.

Regular Foods that Surprise You

Beans, as the saying goes are good for your heart, kidney beans, garbanzo beans, black beans, lentils, white beans, are all great for losing weight. That's because they are high in fiber while being low in fat, dry beans are better than canned beans to cook them properly start by soaking them in water for at least two days, and before you cook them before to rinse that water off thoroughly.

If you want to eat canned beans look for low sodium or less sodium beans, you will also want to rinse these beans before eating them. Another great high fiber food is oats; barley falls into the same category of oats and is also very good for you as well as good tasting.

Fresh Fruit

A lot of fresh fruits are great for reducing the excess pounds and great tasting too. Among the best fruits to eat are blueberries, oranges, pears, bananas, grapefruit, and raisins. While any fresh fruits are good for you to eat these are among the best when it comes to other aspects of your health.

Fresh fruit should be eaten daily and it is also a good idea to drink 100% fruit juice at least eight ounces a day. Like with beans if you are going to eat canned fruit you want to read the label closely. Fruit that is canned in juice is much better for you than fruit that is canned in heavy syrup (which is mostly sugar that will cause you to gain excess fat).


Fresh vegetables are another great diet food; you can get more than a healthy diet out of broccoli, avocados, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Potatoes, are high in carbohydrates, however they are more filling then bread. Sweet potatoes on the other hand are filled with vitamins and nutrients that are excellent for weight loss as well as overall health.

Other foods that are great for weight loss are nuts, walnuts, pine nuts, and almonds, nuts are a great source of protein without the fat of meats. Fish is another great source of protein without the fats of meat. Poultry is also great, low fat, and better than red meat, you can get ground chicken or ground turkey in place of ground meat for healthier dishes.

Choose fresh fruits and vegetables, lower fat cuts of meat and incorporate more fish into your diet for the healthiest diet possible. It is also important that you do not forget dairy. Low-fat organic milk is a great source of calcium so drink at least a glass a day.